№1 (13) 2010

Demography and social economy, 2010, 1(13):28-36
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/dse2010.01.028

The Tendencies and Features of Fertility in Belarus
Section: Fertility in Ukraine in Breaking the XXI Century: Structural Features, Perspectives, New Social Challenges
Language: Russian
Abstract: The absolute, relative, total indicator changes tendencies of birth rate in Belarus are professionally considered in this article. Principal causes of the currency changes are determined. Possible demographic policy directions for increasing of birth rate are defined. It was revealed, birth rate decreases almost all ХХ centuries in the country. Separate rising are connected with the state demographic policy measures, such as program of the early eighties. In 2005 in Belarus the total birth rate was one of the lowest in the world. Since 2005, increasing of number of birth has been consequence of a number of factors: 88% – improvement of social and economic household status and the realization of the National demographic safety program for 2007-2010; 12 % – age composition features.
Key words: fertility, Belarus, dynamics, absolute and relatione indicators, total rates, TFR, demographic policy.
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