Demography and social economy

The journal "Demography and social economy"

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The first issue of the Ukrainian scientific journal "Demography and Social Economy" was published in 2004 by Ptoukha Institute of Demography and Social Studies of NAS of Ukraine. The Certificate of State Registration of the journal was issued by the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine as of 12.01.2004 (Series KB № 8304). 22.06.2012 (series KV №19037-7827 PR) is reregistered by Government Registration Service of Ukraine.

According to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 02.07.2020 № 886 scientific journal "Demography and Social Economy" is included in the Register of scientific professional publications of Ukraine (category "B") - the journal may publish the results of dissertations for doctoral and candidate of sciences.
On February 13, 2009, the journal "Demography and Social Economy" was assigned the International Standard Serial Number for print (paper) version ISSN 2072-9480; in 2013 – for the electronic (online) version ISSN 2309-2351 (Online).

Scientific journal "Demography and social economy" is registrated in the 9 international and national scientometric databases.

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The journal is published four times annually according to the letter of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine № 5680/3070-33-20/19.3.2 as of February 6, 2020 about the registration of the permit in the State Register of print media and news agencies as subjects of information activity. Articles are published in Ukrainian, Russian and English (according to the author's original text) and have annotations in three listed languages.

The circulation amounts to 200 copies. It is distributed in Ukraine, CIS, Eastern and Central Europe. It publishes researches in theoretical, descriptive, and economic demography, highlights methodological issues of demographic analysis, theory and practice of demographic forecasting, social policy and security, human development, social stratification of society, labour economy.

Scientific fields of the journal "Demography and social economy"

  • Theoretical issues of demography;
  • Demographic processes: birth rate, mortality, marriage and family processes, migration.
  • Socio-demographic structures and population quality;
  • Human development;
  • Formation of social capital;
  • The level and quality of life;
  • Poverty and social reproduction;
  • The labour market;
  • Socio-demographic policy;
  • Social protection;
  • Gender studies;
  • Social infrastructure development;
  • Socio-demographic forecasting;
  • Quantitative methods in the social and demographic research;
  • Information support for socio-economic and demographic research;
  • Regional socio-demographic research;
  • Socialization potential;
  • Social responsibility.

Deadline for submission of articles to the journal:

  • the first number to 10 January (journal submission for publication in February of this year);
  • the second number to 25 Febraury (journal submission for publication in April of this year);
  • the third number to 10 June (journal submission for publication in September of this year);
  • the fourth number to 1 October (journal submission for publication in December of this year).

Publish articles to authors - without pay.

Approved on 24.11.2011 (minutes # 2)

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№2 (44) 2021
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