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№3 (34) 2018

Demography and social economy, 2018, 3(34):148-160
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/dse2018.03.148
UDC 331.106:631.1

Y.O. Lanchenko
PhD (Economics), Associate Prof.
National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
15, Heroyiv Oborony st., Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine
E-mail: lanchenko@ukr.net

Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The relevance of conducting research on collective and contractual regulation of social and labor relations in agriculture in the context of development of rural territories is determined. The conceptual directions of the development of social and industrial spheres in the village for ensuring food safety of the country are grounded. A comprehensive analysis of the conclusion and execution of sectoral contracts in the agricultural and collective contracts at agricultural enterprises is carried out. The necessity of monitoring the system of social and labor relations in agriculture and formation of personnel potential in agribusiness is determined. Ways of collectivecontractual regulation of social and labor relations in agricultural enterprises for the improvement of employment of rural population, increase of the level of pay of labor and development of rural territories, are proposed. The critical importance of attracting an individual subject of industrial relations – a representative of the village (town, united) community in the process of collective bargaining regulation of agricultural enterprises – is proven. A separate level of social and labor relations has been determined to harmonize the interests of workers, employers, state and local authorities, rural residents in the development of rural areas - the conclusion of collective agreements at the community level. On the basis of the conducted research the conceptual measures of regulation of development of social and labor sphere in agriculture and their performers at all levels of management of agrarian economy are determined. Collective-contractual regulation of labor relations is one of the effective tools of social partnership. Therefore, the agrarian and social policy of the state and the collective-contractual regulation of social and labor relations between workers and employers in agriculture with the participation of representatives of village (township, united) communities must ensure employment and increase the incomes of rural population in the context of socio-economic development of rural areas.
Key words: social and labor relations, agricultural, collective contract, regulation, employment, work pay.
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