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1 (32) 2018

Demography and social economy, 2018, 1(32):100-113
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/dse2018.01.100

O.O. Davydyuk
PhD (Sociology), Senior researcher,
Institute of Labor and Employment
Ministry of Social Policy and
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
01030, Kyiv, St. Ivan Franko 15-b
E-mail: olena.davydyuk@gmail.com

Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The theoretical and methodological foundations of the evaluation of the quality of care in residential institutions are characterized: the main points of the assessment are identified (what can be assessed with different approaches). It is noted that at the present time the prevalence of quantitative indicators and the use of mathematical and statistical methods of evaluation dominate in domestic practice, which is due to the comparative simplicity of their application. But it is reasonable to focus on qualitative indicators when assessing the quality of care in residential institutions, since the main criterion quality of care for residential institutions is the degree of their satisfaction. According to the qualitative research strategy, a three-part approach to assessing the quality of social services in residential institutions has been developed and tested, which involves assessing the overall level of satisfaction quality of service; evaluation of individual quality indicators with assignment to them of a status according to the received interest equivalents; evaluation according to a specially developed system of quality criteria and their structural indicators on the scales (assignment of the quality category).
Assessing the overall level of satisfaction with the quality of service at the residential institutions, most of the clients - 52.7% - indicated that they were completely satisfied; 37.6% were partly satisfied. The quality of service Indicators (matching the needs of the client, taking into account the wishes of the client, the timeliness of the provision of services, regularity of services, the adequacy of services) were satisfactory.
By specifying the service process through a system of Criteria and Indicators we have obtained refined ratings of service quality, which are categorized as good and excellent. Only 3 out of 65 Indicators were in the satisfactory category. Consequently, in the presence of a number of shortcomings and objective problems, the overwhelming majority of clients are well evaluated by the quality of service in the residential institutions, and it can be stated that if the majority is satisfied with the service provided, then it was possible to achieve the purpose of service at this stage.
Key words: residential institutions, social services, quality of social service, assessment of social services quality, interviews with clients.
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