1 (29) 2017

Demography and social economy, 2017, 1(29):122-131
Doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/dse2017.01.122


Dr. Sc. (Economics), Prof.
Ternopil National Economic University
46400, Ukraine, Ternopil, Lvivska Street,11
E-mail: v.brych@tneu.edu.ua

PhD (Economics), Senior Teacher
Ternopil National Economic University
46400, Ukraine, Ternopil, Lvivska Street,11
E-mail: vira.snigur@gmail.com

Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The efficiency of development of the new type of specialist is defined both by their activity in realization of personal and professional potential and achievement of personal maturity and professional competence, as well as by formation within acmeological professional work environment. Streamlining of the process of development of the new type of specialists can be done by considering and implementing acmeological conditions and factors. Acmeological approach to professional development of the new type of specialist is one of important modern approaches that forecast the study of the human as an integrated personality. Consequently, development of acmeological model of professional competence becomes especially relevant, which in turn is related to the search and allocation of appropriate conditions and factors. From the view of acmeology, personal and professional development is the formation of personality and its professionalism as a result of professional work and professional interactions. It is confirmed that during the formation process of the new type of specialist involves expanding of interests and changing of needs of the system, increase of the need for self-realization and self-development, actualization of motives aimed at achievement of goals, increase of professional competence, finding new ways of solving professional problems, development of professionally important, personal and professional qualities and acmeological invariants of professionalism. The article states that optimization of the development process of acmeological competences of the new type of specialist is possible within acmeological support of their activities. Acmeological model in forming of the new type of specialists is represented as a system of interrelated elements that ensure the whole process of development and implementation of technologies of the development of acmeological knowledge, abilities and skills.
Key words: acmeology, acmeological model, the new type of specialist, competence, professionalism, new professional skills.
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