1 (26) 2016 .

Demography and social economy, 2016, 1(26):132-144
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/dse2016.01.132

Sochynska-Sybirtseva I.N.
PhD (Economics), Associate Professor Kirovograd National Technical University
25006, Ukraine, Kirovograd , lane Unyversytetskyy, 8
E-mail: sibirochka-s@mail.ru

Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: An assessment of the resource potential of Kirovohrad region was made and the tendencies in changes of the regional labour market are determined. The peculiarities of the formation and exploitation of labour potential are revealed and an assessment of the staffing rate in Kirovohrad region is made. The assessment is based on the combination of the official statistic information and the results of the authors research which provides its comprehensiveness. An analysis of the regional human development index is made and the dynamics of the index over the past 10 years are characterized. The priority tasks for the following blocks: reproduction of the population, social environment, comfortable life, well-being and decent work are proposed according to the results of the assessment of the level of regional human development in the Kirovohrad region. The results of the research allow assessing positive and negative changes on the labour market, in the sphere of employment as well as in the system of training and re-training staff. The priority measures to raise the quality of formation, efficiency of application as well as the level of the development of the regional resource potential are formulated in the article.
Key words: resource potential, labour potential, labour market, economic activity level, employment rate, unemployment rate, structural disproportion, human development index, staffing rate.
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