1 (23) 2015 .

Demography and social economy, 2015, 1(23):44-54

A.G. Reut
Junior Research Ptoukha Institute for Demography and Social Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The system of state social support in Ukraine: new challenges and impact on poverty
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The place of social support in the general social protection system in Ukraine is described in the article. Assessment of the effectiveness of implementing different kinds of money the state social assistance have been given to the most disadvantaged group based on the basic principles of supply, achieving direct results, effects on poverty. These reasons that stand in the way of modernization of social support in terms of transition only on a targeted basis. Therefore given suggestions for areas of design and implementation of mechanisms that would help strengthen targeted programs and activities that would work in preventive keys in order to stimulate the development of vulnerable and reduce the risk of poverty among them. Special attention have been given to problems of articles of innovative social support for Ukraine vulnerable groups (including poverty), whose appearance caused the counterterrorist operation in the east. Ways of further institutional providing support people with status internally displaced.
Key words: social support, poverty targeting, effectiveness, coverage, direct and indirect result, efficiency
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