1 (23) 2015 .

Demography and social economy, 2015, 1(23):32-43

Yu. Kogatko
PhD in Geography, senior researcher Ptoukha Institute for Demography and Social Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Rural poverty in Ukraine
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: Poverty is the social situation, characterized by the presence of minor income, low quality diet, limited provision of durable goods, low-comfortability housing, and lack of access to social infrastructure. The defining characteristic of poverty in Ukraine is the consistent pattern of growth of level of poverty with the decrease of settlement size. Villages concede to cities on a number of indicators, including income, expenses, consumer, property characteristics, level of arrangement of housing, development of transport infrastructure, quality of education, health care and consumer services. The lack of income follows the high level of poverty in rural areas, both for relative and absolute criteria.
The level of social development of urban and rural areas is significantly different. The consequence of underfunding province during the time of independence became the decline of infrastructure in villages. The absence of large enterprises does not allow village councils to replenish local budgets and develop social infrastructure in rural areas, which in turn leads to increased poverty for deprivation.
Key words: poverty, level of life, differentiation between urban and rural areas in level of life, income, living conditions of the population, social infrastructure
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