1 (23) 2015 .

Demography and social economy, 2015, 1(23):137-149

N.M. Levchuk
Doctor of Economics, Senior Researcher Ptoukha Institute for Demography and Social Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Social differentiation in mortality during the 1933 holodomor: the case of Lebedyn
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: This study analyzes social differences in mortality and mortality by causes of death during the 1933 Famine. We have created the death certificate data base containing 641 death records from the city of Lebedyn of Sumy region. Differences by sex and age and seasonal variation in mortality are investigated. The analysis of cause-specific mortality has revealed that the proportion of famine-related deaths was 73.7% of all deaths registered in Lebedyn during the July-December period of 1933. Significant differences in cause-of-death structure between social groups are found and these results suggest that there was some differentiation in mortality during the Famine according to social and occupational status. The highest proportion of deaths from nutritional and metabolic diseases directly caused by starvation occurred among unskilled manual workers while the lowest proportion of the famine-attributable deaths was found for white-collar workers.
Key words: mortality, Holodomor, death certificate, cause-of-death structure, social differentiation in mortality.
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