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1 (21) 2014

Demography and social economy, 2014, 1(21):169-179
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/dse2014.01.169

M.M. Medvid
PhD in economic, senior researcher, doctoral degree researcher, Academy of the Internal Troops of MIA of Ukraine

Section: Socio-economic problems.
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The final result of scientific research is identification of the connection between citizens motivators factors to employment and recruitment of military positions. Labor market is the environment, where contractual way of recruitment is implemented.
Data from 20082013 years have been analyzed. It is determined an insignificant effects of variables such as military positions wage to the average wage and time for recruitment of military positions, and influence of unemployment rate to recruitment of military positions characterized by quite a significant coefficient of determination.
According to the results of the research it is first obtained model of behavior in time of unemployment values taking into account autoregressive and intervention and model of relationship between the values of unemployment and recruitment of military positions, which together give opportunity to predict recruitment of military positions of soldiers, sergeants, ensigns and officers. It is determined that the purpose of signing a contract for military employee is not to generating income but to avoid unemployment, which contradicts the socialoriented economy principles. There are no such circumstances of recruitment for military positions of soldiers, sergeants, ensigns and officers and it has negative impact on the results of service and combat activities.
Using forecast data of unemployment rate have been obtained from construction of behavior model of the unemployment value in time, taking into account autoregressive intervention in the model relationship between the unemployment value and recruitment for military positions value it has been found that the recruitment for military positions value in the period from January to September 2014 gain value 49%. Problem with constant staff turnover has been found: a significant part of soldiers and sergeants contractors did not have more than one contract. Others are going to their positions who face the choice between 1 year of military service of 3 years of contract.
This is positive phenomenon, because in two years among three men to military service comes more trained person. However, with the complete elimination of conscription for military service, recruitment for military positions will seriously impair.
Appeal to the author the it is necessary to make administrative decision about completion the way of recruitment from conscription to contract for military positions in military and special law enforcement units. But it is inappropriate to change the way of recruitment from conscription to contract without conditions of assured contract method of recruitment for military positions.
Key words: employment, recruitment for military positions, contract military service, military and special law enforcement units, modeling, unemployment rate.
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