Журнал "Демографія та соціальна економіка"

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№2 (18) 2012

Demography and social economy, 2012, 2(18):23-32
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/dse2012.02.023

Ph.D., Ptoukha Institute for demography and social studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Section: Demographic processes and their consequences.
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The main results of the government socio-demographic policy in the area of population ageing in Ukraine and the priorities of this policy are summarized in the paper. The escalation of the demographic ageing process and the need to strengthen social security of older persons determined a priority need for reforms of the pension system through improving the parameters of its PAYG component, increasing the retirement age, and introducing incentives for older workers to participate in the labour force. Further steps to reform the pension system in Ukraine and successful adaptation of the labour market to demographic changes should be taken towards the transformation of retirement into a flexible and gradual process.
In the recent years Ukraine has been developing legal frameworks for continuous education and life-long learning, including in the area of vocational training. Innovative forms of social and educational services for the elderly were piloted. The main challenge for the future is further improvement of mechanisms for implementing the legislation and empowering older people to participate in appropriate education and training programs.
Reducing poverty levels among pensioners’ households is important result of policy in Ukraine. Extreme poverty levels among older persons were decreasing at a steady and quick pace. However, the level of deprivation of older people in certain living conditions remains rather high: accessibility of good quality health care, infrastructural facilities, transportation etc. is limited in many cases. Therefore the issue of increasing the living standards and improving the quality of life in older age remains important and topical. Given the adverse health and demographic situation in Ukraine and in particular, the health of the elderly, one of the top priorities of the national development policies must be maintaining good health and working ability of older people.
It has to be ascertained that older people’s social integration and participation, capitalizing on their potential, are extremely insufficient in Ukraine. Various forms of self-organization of older persons need more active supporting in order to create better conditions for their self-fulfillment. There should be more information sources on the issues of concern to older persons and international best practices in integrating older persons into social life should be learned and more widely used.
Key words: population ageing, social and demographic policy, Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, Regional Implementation Strategy of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, health and welfare of the elderly, pension system, integration of older persons in society.
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