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1 (17) 2012

Demography and social economy, 2012, 1(17):87-93
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/dse2012.01.087

PhD, Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics and Management, Ruppin Academic Center, Israel

Social policy and labor migration: the Israeli case
Section: Modernization of ukrainian society: factors preconditions, prospects.
Language: English
Abstract: This paper examines the social policy on providing rights for migrant workers in the labor market, and explores existing approaches to granting social rights to migrant workers in different countries. The study maps the rights dividing them into three categories: rights which are the same as the social rights of local citizens in the labor market, rights to which migrant workers are not entitled (mostly different types of social insurance), and specific rights granted only to migrant workers.
The paper focuses on the links between the social rights of migrant workers and their vulnerability to exploitation, and analyzes protection and enforcement of these rights. It investigates how existing regulations of migrant workers employment bind them to their employer and thus create fertile grounds for various forms of exploitative practices by employers. When migrant workers meet abuses of their rights, they are afraid to complain about their employers, fearing to lose their jobs and be deported.
The study found a wide range of irregularities, violations and abuses of social rights of migrant workers, such as wages lower than minimum wage, withholding and delaying of salary, and inhu- mane working and living conditions. Investigating the reasons for these irregularities revealed that the lack of coordination between various governmental and non-governmental bodies acting in the field of protection and enforcement of migrant workers rights and the shortage of resources for enforcement lead to a lack of control. Existing regulations provide no effective measures for combating the non-observance of migrant workers social rights, therefore, malpractices and violation of these rights are widespread.
Key words: Social Policy, Rights, Labor Migration, Guest Workers.

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