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1 (17) 2012

Demography and social economy, 2012, 1(17):23-31
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/dse2012.01.023


Modernization of society: the theoretical aspects and practical controversies
Section: Modernization of ukrainian society: factors preconditions, prospects.
Language: Ukrainan
Abstract: In the article an authorial look is expounded in relation to priorities and sequence of modernisation of Ukrainian society. Models are described and the experience of modernisation, accumulated in the process of updating of countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America, is analysed. It allowed us to educe the row of substantial contradictions the account of that will assist clarification of mechanism of rational transformation of the socio-economic system of Ukraine. It is including educed, that home science determines the self concept of modernisation arbitrarily enough, bringing in substantial contradictions in the universally recognized concept base. In addition, the concept of modernisation is so indefinitely used in practice, that sometimes it is very difficult to attain a positive result, because under modernisation the whatever, even most insignificant improvement not conducing to strategically oriented is often understood, to system transforma- tions. However, it is not the essence of corresponding range of problems. In this case a primary purpose is translation of all public systems on the higher level of socio-economic development, that maybe exceptionally on the basis of revolutionary achievements in a scientific and technological sphere. In addition, the questions of fallaciousness of many steps that targeted at overcoming to the backwardness of Ukrainian society in the period of finding of political independence rise in the article. Although the countries of both Africa and Latin America were not insured against similar miscalculations as it has been shown in the article. But, at the same time, an author gives it a shoot ground that similar circumstances do not refute the general idea of modernisation, and require development and realization of the approaches adapted to Ukrainian reality. Also in the presented work, conclusions are expounded in relation to the sequence of changes within the framework of projects on modernisation of national economy, without the concordance of that it is difficult to count on a quick positive result.
Key words: the theory to modernizations, modernization society, models and levers to modernizations, democracy.
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