Журнал "Демографія та соціальна економіка"

№2 (16) 2011

Demography and social economy, 2011, 2(16):136-146
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/dse2011.02.136


The social investments in Ukraine: a role of the international donor organizations
Language: Ukrainan
Abstract: The article is devoted to investigating of the role of international donor organizations in funding of social investments in Ukraine. The priorities of donor activities are defined, as well as basic directions of costs use and outcomes of the realized projects. The scales of investments of international donors into social development of Ukraine are estimated. A detailed analysis is provided for supporting activities of three leading international donors operating in Ukraine, including the European Commission, the World Bank and United Nations Development Program. The attention has been paid as to independent, as to joint projects of international donors. Also, problems, which restrict the efficiency of donors’ support, are outlined. A particular emphasis is paid to a problem of corruption, which is faced by donor organizations, when cooperating with public institutions in the country. Possible ways of improving the efficiency of activities of donor organizations are proposed, while the prospects of further scientific researches in the field of social investments are outlined.
Key words: social investments, international donor organizations, social projects and programs, development of social sphere, human development.
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