Журнал "Демографія та соціальна економіка"

№2 (16) 2011

Demography and social economy, 2011, 2(16):118-127
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/dse2011.02.118


The estimation of the influence of the state social support upon the inequality and poverty
Language: Ukrainan
Abstract: The article presents the impact assessment of basic social support programs on inequality and poverty. Among the programs reviewed – the main types of public assistance (working on categorical and / or address principle), and social privileges provided as compensation. Some programs are aimed at specific target groups (category of population), and others – focused on all of society, but with clearly defined stable contributing members. The idea of the article is to assess the impact of individual programs and the entire system of social support in terms of importance to reduce inequality and poverty in society as a whole. Program may not have impact on society due to 2 reasons: the small contingent of members or low targeted.
Key words: social support system, social programs, targeting, poverty, inequality.
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