№2 (14) 2010

Demography and social economy, 2010, 2(14):86-93
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/dse2010.02.086

Legislative Changes in Italian Republic: New Challenges for Ukrainian Migrants
Language: Ukrainan
Abstract: The article provides an analysis of Italian policy novelties concerning immigration issues called Security Package. New laws are putting at risk the right to health of migrants, their right to have a family and the right to send remittances home. New policy measures will admittedly affect on Ukrainian migrants located on the territory of Italy. The Security Package contain the abolition of the ban on reporting by doctors and hospital staff about foreigners without a permit to stay to the relevant authorities for the purpose of expulsion. It impacts on health care usage by Ukrainian migrants who have no Permit to Stay (every third guest-worker from Ukraine has no legal status in Italy.) The possible consequences of this measure are worsening of migrants’ state of health and increasing of the number of Ukrainians forced to return home because of health problems.
Ukrainian labor migrants without a permit to stay will be unable to send remittances home through the official transfer systems since under the Security Package, managers of money transfer services are required to photocopy the client’s identity card and residence permit. While it will doubtfully decrease remittances flows from Italy to Ukraine significantly. Illegal Ukrainian migrants will probably use informal means of sending money home in the new policy framework.
Key words: migration, labor migration, social welfare, family reunification, migrants’ remittances.
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