№2 (14) 2010

Demography and social economy, 2010, 2(14):160-167
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/dse2010.02.160

Regional Features of the Labour Market in Ukraine
Language: Ukrainan
Abstract: In the article the methodological and methodical questions of statistical evaluation and analysis of regional differentiation of level of payment of labor are expounded in Ukraine. It is suggested to estimate regional, economic, demographic and professional differentiation of salary. For the evaluation of regional differentiation of payment of labor such statistical indexes are utilized: range, first and third quartiles; quartile range, coefficient of oscillation; coefficient of variation; quartile coefficient of variation. The value of these indexes is expected for the regions of Ukraine in 2000, 2005 and 2009 years. The results of calculations testify to the presence of noticeable regional differentiation of payment of labor, however much its intensity diminishes in course of time. Grouping of regions of Ukraine is carried out after the level of monthly salary, and also certainly rating of every region after this index. Statistical estimations which characterize regional differentiation of average monthly salary in a dynamics are resulted in this article. Found out a tendency to diminishing of level of regional differentiation of salary, and also reverse dependence between rating of region and rates of its growth.This article is devoted to thorough analysis of regional labour markets and their individual aspects. The basic of formation labour force in regions shows the interdependence of certain aspects of the labour market. Investigated the formation of territorial characteristics of economically active and employed population. Paid attention to the problems of unemployment through active measures of social policy. Current situation labour market in Ukraine caused by macroeconomic factors, namely: the dire consequences of prolonged economic crisis that accompanied the fall of most industries and corresponding reduction in labour demand, significant problems in the monetary sector, low investment activities. Today’s deep economic crisis in Ukraine not only due to external factors, but also as a series of internal economic and political factors, among which are the unsatisfactory features of influence of society, region, requiring major changes in approaches to managing the labour market.
The main tool of state influence in the development of regional labour market and to overcome their regional disparities is to identify priorities and targets for each region, sources and amounts of funding needed to achieve them.
Key words: regional labour market, economically active population, employment, unemployment, placement.
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